We all learn something new everyday. We learn lessons through experience. Some people learn lessons easier than others. The question is how hard do you take your lesson? Do you drop and roll with each passing wave, or let it slap you to the ground? Personally I would rather stand right up and fight like a peaceful warrior. I know I always come out on top when I choose to rise above and be grateful for the beautiful life I have been given.

The Empath

An Empath has the gift of taking on the physical, mental ,and emotional  feelings those around you. Until you realize that you are doing this it may not seem like much of a gift. You may become unreasonably sad, happy, depressed, have pains that are unexplainable.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is to get to know yourself. Every thought, feeling, sensation that you have. Know when you are not feeling like yourself. This may assist you to determine when a feeling or sensation is not yours .

Secondly try this little exercise whenever you are feeling anything unusual and daily.

Notice how you feel whatever the emotion is then say ” Any emotions or sensations that are not mine please leave me now”.. Then notice how you feel after saying this out loud or to yourself.

Sometimes you may feel like a burden has left your shoulders. For me,the feeling of the burden leaving my aura is as if someone just grabbed a hundred lb. suitcase from my hands . Start to do this exercise daily, after work, after you have been around angry or depressed people. Or maybe even really happy people.

A new study has just published results that conclude empathy may also be related to the release of pheromones. Some people may be in tune with the pheromone release of people around them. If your company has been experiencing strong emotions they may be more detectable than  subtle emotions.

Spirituality is in a category by itself. Sometimes science cannot explain everything.  Nor can a psychiatrist, a medical doctor, or sociologist or a dentist. Not to say that they won’t have opinions on the subject of spirituality.

Some tools that may help you are crystals or stones. Lapis Lazuli can help you separate your own feelings from other peoples feelings. Peridot can help you process your own emotions.

I will post more on  this as time goes on

Rooted and Spiritual Everyday

Can we be balanced staying rooted in reality and honoring our own spirituality everyday?

 Making time to check in with mind, body, and soul each day seems impossible. Taking even a few moments to meditate, do yoga or do Reiki every morning before work seems like a battle. I question when will I do my daily yoga practice, that often seems like every other day or once a week. Balancing daily chores making time to exercise. walk the dog, feed the family, Etc…

 Over the years many people have said ” Make sure you are always aware of your feelings, consistently throughout the day”.  Especially when in a hectic schedule, or when life gets tough. I thought to myself ”Oh sure who has time to do that”-and “they must not get anything done in a day’s time”.

So here’s the list that I feel like I am supposed to do daily-

After breakfast and coffee which takes an hr, check in w/ self. Exercise, do yoga, do Reiki, walk the dog- twice, clean, do laundry. make lunch and/or dinner, get ready for work. Commute to work an hour each way, work for nine hours, sleep for at  least 7-8 hours. Repeat.

Oh yeah don’t forget praying for peace on earth, saving all the animals on the planet. My daily gratitude list. Doing at least one good deed a day, What about time for my significant other? Poor dear! Tithing to my community. This plate seems a little full.

However smashing your feelings down layer by layer without dealing with your emotions or spirituality daily can make for disaster. One day you’ve got a perfect mess and you’ve got to pick a part the tangle of ”things” and deal with them all at once. Or if you are like me this happens every now and then whenever I get a little too busy to just stop and breathe, and feel my feelings and, my soul.

So when there’s a little free time to stop and feel, breathe and meditate, do Reiki and stay on top of the pile of laundry. I feel satisfied knowing  that I will do this everyday or at least until I get busy (a day or two later)  and restart the cycle.